2015 Tesla Model S with Auto Pilot Rental Information

2015 Tesla Model S “BlueBeauty”

Experience the thrill of driving a Tesla Model S – 60kWh with up to 208 electric miles of driving range. This five passenger rear wheel drive, 329 hp is an all electric sport sedan. This model has been re-introduced in 2016 as the entry level Model S ($66,000 base price as of July 2016) so if you want to see what it is like to own a 200 mile range Tesla, this is the car for you to rent.


The beauty and style of this sport sedan is beyond compare!  Wide, roomy, comfortable. The only way you will notice that you are driving an electric vehicle is the absolute silence you experience! Sure footed, solid, heavy, the Model S holds the road and makes driving a joy again.

Equipped with “NexGen” front and rear seats – a huge improvement over the 2012-2014 leather seats (much better back and side support) along with remote door lock/unlock with cool disappearing zinc/chrome door handles and power folding mirrors.

Front Seats 1.jpg

The 17 inch center screen provides vehicle controls with the ease of using an iPad. GPS Navigation and routing to Supercharging stations is included along with a huge rear view back up camera and parking aids.  Now upgraded to LTE, maps load quickly and the full streaming capabilities of Slacker Internet radio can be heard and enjoyed! Active Suspension (4 different ride heights), a full front trunk (called a frunk), rear hatch without child seats and power lift gate are all on this Tesla.

Auto Pilot (adaptive cruise control, AutoSteer, Auto Lane Change),  is a series of assisted driving features offered on this Tesla. Used with proper driver attention and care, these features will reduce long-distance driving fatigue, and make lane passing manuevers very safe.  But these features are not for self, or autonymous driving.  And they are in Beta mode so they are not fully perfected, especially Auto Steer.  Our advice here is to use Auto Pilot when you are on long stretches of interstate highway, not in local freeway traffic or on surface streets.  The Summons and Auto Park features are truly ‘use at your own risk’.  We use neither feature in day to day driving of this Tesla.


“Refueling’ is easy by stopping at the Atlantic Station Superchargers (10 stalls) or Tesla Decatur GA store (4 stalls) and recharging the 60kWh battery in just 30-45 minutes! They are open 24/7/365.  You should plan your rental trip around at least one stop at a Tesla Supercharger each day so that you get a full 190-200 mile charge.  You’ll be charging at 165 miles of range per hour versus only 18-22 on a Level 2 station and 2-5 miles plugged in at your garage overnight.

Tesla Model S at Decatur SuperCharger 05032015

Rental Conditions: aka “The Fine Print”

There are a few important conditons to rental I need to share with you:

1). This is an electric car, and while the pure driving experience is beyond compare, you will need to pay attention to your driving range and recharge after 120-140 miles of driving or when the battery’s rated range is at 50 to ensure you safely get to a charge station. Fortunately, Atlanta has two centrally located Supercharger stations at Midtown’s Atlantic Station Parking Garage, Red Section very lowest level (10 in total) or Tesla Decatur Store on Church Street (4 in total). Supercharging should take between 30 and 60 minutes to get the Tesla back up to 180 miles of driving range. I will be notified by my Tesla App so I can alert you when the car is finished recharging by text.

Rear Deck SC

Some warning here: the biggest challenge past renters have faced is balancing acceleration and driving range.  Heavy acceleration eats up the battery, and spikes like these shown in the left photo are harmful to battery life.  I average about 300 watts/mile (wh/mile). Most renters are averaging 350. The renter below drove the Tesla very hard (several 900 wh/mile bursts). That’s just abusive behavior (extra charges can apply for battery wear).

IMG_7863 (4)

2). Securing the Tesla. Theft and damage is an every day reality so I ask that you provide proof of secure indoor parking or outdoor parking behind a gated fence in order to rent the Tesla Model S for overnight use. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen due to your inability to provide secure overnight parking, all losses related to damage and theft is your financial responsiblity as outlined by the governing Turo agreement you enter into prior to rental.

3). Damage to the Tesla. Minor damage to the vehicle is defined as scraped rims, scrapes on front or rear valences,door dings and minor paint scratches will be charged to the renter at the documented cost of repair by the establishment chosen by me. All other damage will be considered major and will require filing an insurance claim unless another method of repair payment is approved by the owner and Turo. Photos taken by the owner and uploaded to the Turo website prior to the rental period are the agreed proof of the exterior and interior condition of the vehicle prior to your rental period.


4).No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed. Water bottles are fine. Please do not go through the drive through and turn the Tesla into a restaurant. Would you want to rent an $85,000 car that smells like stale french fries? Please avoid wearing cologne or perfumes as many people are allergic and this could compromise future rentals. No pets permitted in the vehicle at any time.

5). Driving within the State of Georgia is fine but going over state lines is not permitted. Tesla supplies the owner with an app so that I can monitor my Tesla Model S remotely. Remember speeding violations are your responsibility and will go on your license. Please drive the Model S responsibily!

6). Additional Charges Assessed at end of Rental as required:

a. Excess mileage: $1.00/mile over the total allotment (200 miles/day).

b. Interior clean up for heavy dirt or mud on the seats and carpets: $100.00.

c. Coordinating a flat bed tow if you allow the battery to run out of range: $200.00

d. Late Return fee: $50.00/hour returned past the rental period (when Turo insurance coverage has lapsed)

e. Excess Battery Wear Fee: $100.00 for rentals with cumulative 400 wh/mile for their rental period and/or sustained peaks of 600-900 wh/mile.

f. Rim Protector Damage Fee: cost to replace damaged rim protectors is $128.50 per wheel. A new set was installed in mid-May 2016.

I offer both PayPal (Georgia EVentures, LLC) and SquareCredit/SquareCash for post rental charges expected to be paid at rental conclusion. Cash is fine too!




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