About Georgia EVentures

Welcome to Georgia EVentures! Thinking about taking the plunge into electric vehicles? Not sure about how they drive? Wonder how easy one is to own?  Then you’ve come to the right place. Georgia EVentures can help you with all of your EV questions and give you real world experience behind the wheel of an EV for the time you need to really decide if you want to move to fossil-fuel free driving.

What does Georgia EVentures offer? Glad you asked!  Georgia EVentures offers the following services:

1). Put you behind the wheel of either a 2015 Tesla Model S – 60. You can rent this car from a day to a week to even a month through TURO.

2). Advise you about which Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicle makes the most sense for your lifestyle.  With extensive experience with EV makes and models, home charging and public charging, GAEV can help you make the right decision before you invest in an EV.  We know qualified home charging station installers to put you in touch with  and help guide you through the process.  Got a quote from an installer? We can help you know if it’s right.

3). Assist you with Destination Trip Planning. With charging stations popping up all over Georgia, we can assist you with trip planning.  Tesla’s Super Charger Network in Georgia makes weekend trips a breeze!

4). Provide you with a Tesla for special events.  The Model S can be rented for events, weddings, photography shoots and film production. For film production please visit our listing at Studio Findit.com http://studiofindit.com/2015/04/29/item-46456-2015-tesla-model-s/

Contact me at:  georgiaeventures@gmail.com or call/text:  770-880-4133 or simply leave a reply below. Referral and finders fees paid for rentals, film placements and event bookings!

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Header Photograph Credit:  Joel Adrian Harris for Turo

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