Recommended Service Providers

In preparing the 2015 Tesla Model S 60 for rental, these automotive service providers went above and beyond to deliver outstanding quality, value and service:

Executive Tint Facebook page – Josh Soufastai expertly installed Suntek tinting on the windows of the Tesla Model S (35% sides and rear and 70% windshield) along with a heavy duty film for the windshield by ClearPlex. 678-596-7124

BlueBeauty after tinting.

Atlanta Protective Films – Derek Johnson applied XPel Ultimate paint protection film to the hood, fenders, mirrors, headlamps and fog lights and the A-pillars and partial roof, along with rear wheels kick up. Stone chips are no match for Derek’s work! 678-687-0888

MS60 AP1

Peach State Detail  Bryan Burnworth is an automotive craftsman, carefully working paint imperfections out of the Model S (yes some overspray needed to be handled along with pre-delivery detailing) as he applied Opti-Coat Pro to the paint glass and even the wheels. Bryan also helped protect the leather NexGen seats with Opti-Guard leather seat protector. 678-357-5504. Best of all, washing is a 20 minute ‘no rinse’ breeze with Opti-Coat No Rinse car wash!


Notice how the Tesla Model S progressively gains it’s “BlueBeauty” through tint, paint protection and finally Opti-Coat paint treatment!  All three of these service providers coordinated their work so that the Tesla was handed off to each in turn and the final ‘product’ delivered to me at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport!

AlloyGator With the body and glass fully protected, it came time for the 19 inch rims. Tesla’s are pretty wide cars, and tend to find curbs easily and the unsightly ‘rim rash’ occuring.  AlloyGator provided an ‘over the rim’ color matched rim protector installed by Butler Tires.  The UK based company can provide the right rim protection for your vehicle as they did for the Tesla.


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