Who Rents our Tesla Model S?

Really appreciate the recent blog post interview Turo conducted with me. Here’s the link to their blog:  Jeff Cohen EVangelist Turo renter.  Since starting up in mid 2015, we have rented our electric vehicles for:

  • EV test drives and -try before you buy rentals. One renter came all the way from Knoxville TN to rent the 2015 Tesla Model S. He has since bought his second Model S (one used and one new) and a second renter took delivery in Atlanta in March 2016 after renting BlueBeauty over the Holidays.
  • Birthday Gift Surprise – Tesla shows up at the birthday person’s door. What a sweet Birthday ride!  One wife gave her husband a weekend rental for use to see Elton John in concert.
  • Wedding Day Ride– a future groom said he’s more excited about the Tesla than the ceremony!  BlueBeauty has been the ‘blue’ in five weddings as the Get A Way Car. Driving in style and some much needed peace and quiet for the Bride and Groom.
  • Proms and Graduations – What a nice ride for Mom and Dad to drive their daugher and her date to the Prom or for the Graduate to ‘walk’ in style. Our Tesla has been part of both life events.
  • Charity Fund Raiser – two Atlanta based organizations used our Tesla Model S as a Silent Auction and Raffle Ticket prize:  a weekend in our BlueBeauty.
  • Meetings and conferences:  one renter wanted to make the right statement arriving to a ‘green’ meeting in an EV; another used the Tesla’s 200 mile range to attend a ‘green’ meeting on the Georgia Coast 300 miles (and 3 Tesla Supercharger stops) away!
  • Film and TV Production – Our Tesla is exclusively listed in the 2016-2017 Georgia TV and Film Production Source book (see our Film Production page on this site).

More than just a car-sharing community, Turo has helped me put electric vehicles in the hands of people who have some dreams of their own!

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